Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still giving thought

I kind of forgot all about this blog.  I had good intentions when I started it.  I just went back and read the entries I had posted and they seemed pretty good.  So, where have I been?

Busy, I guess.  Too busy to write things down.

Or maybe too scared.

When I read these posts I am instantly transported to a time when life seemed much easier.  It is easier for me to write and "give thought to my steps" when things seem to be going smoothly.  

Things don't always go smoothly.  And God has been using the last couple of years to teach me about that.  And about trusting Him through the hard times.

You see, almost two years ago my 32 year old sister was killed in car accident.  I can still hear the phone calls, like it happened yesterday.  I can still see my dad's completely crushed face when we picked him up at the airport.  I can still feel my precious nieces when they held on to me the next morning.

Sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes people die way too early.  Sometimes lives are shattered.  But, still, God is faithful.  I remember that.  And it helps.

So, I am going to revive this blog.  I will share things that I've learned in the last couple of years.  I'll share things I'm still learning.  I'm still giving thought to my steps.  You'll see.

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