Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I just don't want to...

      Here's something I've discovered about myself:  I don't want to write about just one topic for 31 days.  It really sounded like a good idea but, honestly, I'm bored out of my mind.  Even a topic that interests me just isn't interesting enough to be my sole focus for a month.  That's just not how my life goes.

      So, I'm giving up that proposed quest and acknowledging that God moves in my life in a multitude of ways.  And that's what this is supposed to be about: how God is moving in my life.

Precious Patrick when he went out to help Daddy plant the wheat last week.
He's so thrilled to be with his favorite man (and around all that John Deere).

      Lately God has been using a certain precious 3 year old to teach me.  I don't know what I'm going to do next fall when he starts preschool, I'll miss my little companion. But that's enough of that, no need to start mourning something that won't happen for another year! Anyway, Patrick is the source of so many good lessons.  Here are a few things I've noticed lately:

  1. Be joyful always.  Patrick is so full of joy.  Nothing seems to dampen his spirits, even disappointment.  I could use more of this kind of attitude.
  2. Nothing is lost by putting another person first.  Patrick has a strong willed older sister.  Now, Helen and I have a lot of talks about being considerate about other people's wishes so I don't mean for this to excuse what is sometimes bad behavior on her part, just to recognize Patrick's good behavior.   Patrick is quick to give in, to let Helen have her way and to do so happily.  He knows that nothing is lost by playing Helen's way, in fact, he knows how much he gains when he does play with his sister.
  3. Move on when you make mistakes.  Patrick makes mistakes.  We all do.  One thing I love about him is how quick he is to acknowledge mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  He is so sweet.  He also remembers the mistake and often talks about how to not make the same mistake again.
  4. Love the little things.  Patrick loves tiny bugs, little rocks, a small candy, a little rest. He will stop for the smallest thing...something that often annoys me but that I'm learning to appreciate.  Sometimes I'm so busy rushing around that I lose sight of all the little things that make this life so lovely.

      My children are such precious gifts.  This list is about Patrick but I could just as easily make a similar list about Helen.  In fact, maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  What I love about motherhood is how many times my kids teach me about the really important things of life.  I hope they are learning those life lessons too.


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