Monday, July 26, 2010

Goals and plans

About a year ago (actually, August 11) I made a goal. I wanted to lose 50 pounds. And you know what, I almost have. So far I've lost 45 and I feel great. I don't know when those last 5 will come off but I'm still working on it. More importantly, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm running nearly every day and I feel great.

Earlier this month I ran a 5k with a good friend of mine. It was a great time and I felt so great about the accomplishment. So, we have decided on a new goal. We are training to run a half marathon on October 2. I'm so excited about it...which seems strange because I'm also scared to death! I think it is great to have goals and it is something that I'm working on in other areas of my life too.

So, a half marathon this year and next year maybe a whole would be great to finish a marathon before I'm 35 (which means next year is it!).

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